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asked Aug 21, 2020 in Mathematics by CT Diamond (48,498 points) | 2,437 views
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The pie chart below gave South African citizens a broad indication of how the government planned to spend their revenue on certain sectors in the period 2007/2008. If the total number of households in Western Cape was 2 768 000 during 2016, calculate the number of households that depend on grants as a source of income. 1. Write down the month with highest income for rail transportation.  2. Calculate the mean monthly income for rail transportation.
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asked Jun 7, 2020 in Mathematics by Joshua Mwanza Diamond (51,990 points) | 680 views
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One of the ways in which South Africans are saving electricity is by switching from traditional incandescent light bulbs to long-life light bulbs. Below is a table comparing one of each kind that gives off the same amount of light:
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